Tom Nettesheim

Tom Nettesheim


  • CrossFit Credentials: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Scaling
  • Favorite Movement: Snatch

*Began as a member of CrossFit Vanquish in October 2015 before earning CF-L1 and becoming a coach

4 years ago my wife asked me to try CrossFit. I pushed back for a while but finally agreed and I have honestly never regretted it. My only regret is that I did not start this 25 years ago. I saw results almost instantly that I have never seen anywhere else. Over the years the only exercise regimen I could stick with was running. Sometime in my $0 profit running career my calves decided they no longer liked running and I kept injuring them. I needed something else. CrossFit was a perfect match. The workouts still kick my butt but they are kicking everyone else’s at the same time. We are all going through it together.

CrossFit is the first physical activity since playing rugby that I am excited to go to every day. I procrastinated showing up to my first class for quite a while thinking I would be out of place because everyone was so in-shape. I quickly learned that everyone remembers starting. No judgements are made. Someone else told me once that it is a place where it is ok to fail as long as you are trying. The reality – failure is expected. No matter what level you are at it is all relative – everyone is going through the same thing during the workouts because we are all doing them together. It brings out the best camaraderie!